The AndroidIDE version numbers are incremented automatically based on the commit messages and the previous releases. This is achieved using the Nyx project. Nyx is a powerful, flexible and extremely configurable semantic release tool.


Nyx plugin is not used for F-Droid builds. This is because the F-Droid builds provide a fixed version name and version code and hence, they need not to be calculated dynamically.


AndroidIDE uses semantic versioning. The version numbers are automatically incremented by Nyx based on the type of conventional commits and previous release. Specifically :

  • fix commits increment the PATCH version number.

  • feat commits increment the MINOR version number.

  • ANY type of commit with a BREAKING CHANGE update the MAJOR version number.

For example, if the previous release’s version name was v2.5.3-beta and then the new version will be:

  • v3.0.0-beta - if at least one commit has a BREAKING CHANGE.

  • v2.6.0-beta - if there are no breaking changes and least one commit has type feat.

  • v2.5.4-beta - if there are no breaking changes, no feat commits and at least one commit has type fix.

Version name format

The release version names specified in the following format :


For example : v2.5.3-beta.

The CI builds contain additional information in their version names. This makes it easier for us to know the exact version for debug builds and fix issues faster :


For example :[...]


Nyx is configured using the .nyx.yml file located in AndroidIDE project’s root directory. A detailed documentation about using Nyx is available on the project’s site.

The Nyx Gradle plugin is applied to the settings.gradle.kts file and the configuration file is set by configuring the NyxExtension. Read the Nyx documentation for more details.