AndroidIDE Documentation

Welcome to the official documentation for AndroidIDE, an open-source Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed for developing real Android applications directly on Android devices. This documentation serves as a comprehensive guide for both users and developers, providing essential information to make the most out of AndroidIDE.

Documentation Categories

This documentation is structured to cater to the needs of both users and developers:

  • Users: If you are using AndroidIDE to develop Android applications, you will find user-specific documentation tailored to guide you through the features and functionalities of the IDE.

  • Developers: For those interested in building AndroidIDE from the source code, the developer documentation provides insights into the project’s architecture, build processes, and contribution guidelines.

Get started by navigating to the relevant section based on your role and interest:

  • For user documentation, explore the documentation under the “User guide” category.

  • For developer documentation, delve into the “Developer guide” category.

We hope this documentation proves to be a valuable resource as you embark on your journey with AndroidIDE.

For any questions, issues, or contributions, feel free to engage with the AndroidIDE community on GitHub or visit our website.