This guide walks you through the installation process for AndroidIDE, including setting up the terminal and installing Android build tools.

Minimum Requirements:

Before proceeding, ensure that your Android device meets these minimum requirements:

  • Supported CPU Architectures:

    • arm64-v8a

    • armeabi-v7a

    • x86_64 (requires AndroidIDE v2.7.0-beta or newer)

  • RAM:

    • Minimum of 1.5GB - 2GB free RAM is recommended.

  • Storage Space:

    • Minimum of 4GB free storage space.

  • Internet Connection:

    • WiFi connection is recommended for the initial setup.

Download AndroidIDE:

Note: Debug version is for testing purposes.

Setup the Terminal:

  1. Open AndroidIDE terminal.

  2. It will install bootstrap packages if required.

  3. Run pkg upgrade to update packages to the latest version.

Build Tools Installation:

Install JDK, SDK, and commandline tools for SDK.

  1. Open the terminal and run idesetup -c.

  2. Confirm the configuration and start the installation process by typing y.

  3. After successful installation, Downloads completed. You are ready to go! will be printed.


  • One command to setup the terminal and install build tools:

    cd && pkg upg && idesetup -c